Sunday, July 26, 2015

Name That Thing

OOh, fun! I went to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary to look up the plural of "spoonful"(spoonsful? or spoonfuls?) *
and ended up playing their "Name That Thing" quiz a whole bunch of times.

I did well, but only because the quiz is multiple choice. I have a decent passive vocabulary, but if it'd been write-in, I'd have written "thingamabob" over and over. 

Naw, I'd have guessed.

Let's see...
(for girdle)

"bobsled" (for luge)

"zipper teeth" (correct)

"under-bridge?" (I do know septum, but doubt I'd have come up with it)

 "ampersand" (the only one I'd be 100% sure of)

...and "that boat Funny Girl sings on at the end of "Don't Rain on My Parade"--um, um... 
(close enough)

I liked the quiz because I was learning something (not sure I'll retain any of it).
* In the past, spoonsful, now spoonfuls is ascendent.


Zhoen said...

That was fun, thank you.

Fresca said...

It was a happy accident.