Friday, June 26, 2015

"It's Just a Matter of Time"

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

 SCOTUS blog: "Court strikes down state bans on same-sex marriage: In Plain English"

And, wow. Historic...

Marz said years ago that "It's Just a Matter of Time" was her gay-marriage theme song. Today she is singing it, inserting "Justice Scalia" in pertinent places:
"You've been blind, .... Justice Scalia."

(Actually, since Scalia said that "before he signed on to an opinion like the majority’s, “I would hide my head in a bag,” he's still in the dark. [quote from article in link above])

"It's Just a Matter of Time", by Randy Travis
 ^ link to live but not embeddable version.


"One day you'll wake up and find that my love is a true love...  It's just a matter of time.
Some day and some way you'll realize that you've been blind,
Yes, darling, it's just a matter of time."
It just so happened I was going with Marz over to Sister's this morning anyway--our father was up for the weekend.
Sister made celebratory American flag pancakes: red lingonberries, white whipping cream, and blue blueberries--we each decorated our own:


Zhoen said...

Such a relief. Change can happen.


Michael Leddy said...

Happy day! I remember when the Flag of Equal Marriage got going (2009, I think), and now it’ll have fifty stars.

Frex said...

Yes, indeed!