Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Slippery Seventies; and S & H, Then & Now

I can't believe I'm posting anything about Starsky & Hutch--I was entirely uninterested in the show in the '70s, or in any TV show except Star Trek. 
Other than that huge exception, I've always preferred movies. 

The other night bink, Maura and I had a blast coming up with a list of '70s films... that we saw in the '70s.
The theme of Hidden and Untrustworthy Things was huge (as it is in Starsky & Hutch):
Jaws (bad things in the water)
All the President's Men (bad things in the Oval Office)
Alien (bad things in your chest)
Play Misty for Me (bad things in bed)
Taxi Driver (bad things in the mirror)

Even one of the only romantic comedies I could think of, the bittersweet Heaven Can Wait, was about bureaucratic bumbling (on the part of Heaven) and hidden identity.
"Dead" Warren Beatty trying to convince Angel Buck Henry he's got the wrong guy.
Julie Christie wonders who he is.

 Zhoen commented that she'd expected to see Then & Now photos on yesterday's "Forty Years On" post, so I just googled Starsky & Hutch Then/Now and screencapped the photos that happened to be next to each other

I did not care for cocksure males when I was in high school, but I've gotta say that, thanks to being saturated in my roomie's fandom, the charm of these two has grown on me. And they're older too, and their lives have not been charmed (though it's weird I even know that).

Anyway, here they are, Soul & Glaser, Then & Now(ish).


And, ohlord, the clothes make me grin.

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Fresca said...

Marz could discuss the relative health and age problems of PMG and DS with you! :)

She also informed me that Starsky's white pants (last photo in the post) are "famous among fans."
And so they should be, I agree.

My parents were mostly the opposite of yours:
My mother said she was traumatized by seeing Bambi (1942) when she was little, so eschewed Disney movies.

I've written before about how my father took me to see Visconti's "Death in Venice" when I was ten, and though it was unrated, the ticket seller tried to discourage him, and he got very high-handed about how he would decide what his children could see.

On the other hand, my parents would not let me go see "The Exorcist", for which I am still grateful! I only asked because a friend was pressuring me---I hated horror flicks after watching one on late-nite TV.