Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pretty Fun

Sunday Desktop Clean Up

1. One of these days I'm going to apply myself to Photoshop.
 Meanwhile... "The Creation of Kirk" by Mr. Snapper

This doesn't make any sense (the Gorn's not a creator), but it's pretty fun.

2. British Make Do and Mend, 1943

3.  "Make an effort to remember. Or, failing that, invent."

Speaking of women warriors in alternative universes (Mad Max: Fury Road), I am reminded of Les Guérillères (quote above from, 1969) by Monique Wittig.
I actually saw Wittig speak at a conference on Feminism in Literature at the UW-Madison when I was sixteen--my mother was running the office of the new (!) Women's Studies Dept. there. 
(Amazing how if you live long enough, you accumulate these bits of history, like the shells of decorator crabs do, though not for the sake of camouflage.) 

Wittig was radical in several directions, but her most radical position, perhaps, was that children should have political power--they should have the vote.
Hearing her say that when I was sixteen shocked and thrilled me, and to this day, I've never heard anyone else even talk about it.

(I don't think those are Adidas she's wearing... are they?)

 4. And speaking of history...

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