Friday, May 29, 2015

"Hey Girl", Again

Marz sez Mad Max is a chick flick.

I'm thrilled that young women get this great pair of movie heroes (Max (Tom Hardy) and Charlize Theron's character, Furiosa), where the guy is the sidekick.

But I got really angry and sad yesterday that this is (still) unusual. It's like back in 1979 when we were so excited about Sigourney Weaver in Alien and thought this was the beginning of a new norm.
Thirty-six years later, we're having the same conversations all over again.

Except... now on the Internet, which is buzzing.

I'd just posted a Feminist Ryan Gosling last week, and now Marz shows me the new Feminist Mad Max Tumblr, with the same "Hey Girl" tag.

Not many up yet, but they're choice.

[Other Tumblrs tagged with Mad Max: Fury Road 
(I'm glad to see some conversation about how white it is...

Also this one about Max & Furiosa's non-sexual physical intimacy).] 

This movie is making me claim feminism again. 
Because, not only am I disgusted that I'm feeling grateful for a lead hero who's a woman, I can hardly believe that some men are complaining about her hijacking "their" franchise.   (I'm not even dignifying this with a link.)

                Guys. 90% of the action heroes already look like you,
could you just STFU for once?

It's like white people complaining about affirmative action. 
Let me turn to Louis CK, again:


The Crow said...

You know what makes me sad, angry, disgusted? That we still have to declare we are feminist in the first place. That, after all these millions of years, and for the rest of the era of the human race, we will still have to make these declarations, that we will not ever be, simply, human beings, gender insignificant, accepted as equals in all eyes, that race-ethnicity-wealth-power-status are rags used by the weak to cover their nakedness so they may feel powerful, in control.

If I have to declare myself to be anything else other than a strong, intelligent, capable, resilient human being (and my actions should be the only declaration I need make), then those who would trample on the souls of others should have to declare themselves as racist, sexist, as class conscious fear-mongering petty tyrants - maggots that eat at humanity from within.

I think you found my rawest nerve, Fresca.

God love Louis C.K. I certainly do.

Fresca said...

Yeah. That.

Tintorera said...

Yeah for the new Mad Max which I still have to see (I will). I read all that silly stuff on the Internet, but I think the good reviews and positive reactions (by men & women)prevail.

There is another thing I stumbled across the other day that really bugs me, and that would be Terminator's new Sarah Connor. The poster doesn't look promising. Take a look (if you're interested):

Fresca said...

Hey, thanks Tintorera, nice to see you here--
I didn't even know you had a Tumblr, just the LJ.

That Sarah Connor poster looks like an underwear ad...

But I agree with you, by far most reviews I've seen of "Mad Max: Fury Road" are raging with praise---guys who can't see it's just a *great* action movie have their heads up some tight, dark hole.

Zhoen said...

Thing is, sexism, misogyny really, starts at home, and is enshrined inside of families. Nothing changes until that changes.

Have you see Up the Women? With Jessica Hynes (of Spaced.)

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Jessica Hynes! Love her, love Spaced, never seen this--a sitcom about suffragists? Sounds good--will look for it--thanks!