Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bag End

End of the day. These are the final two bags I made today--one is from a dishtowel with a stitched tomato (I might have to keep that one), and the other's the Bulgarian bread cloth. 
The cloth ties are attached to the bags.

I imagine hobbits use similar things.

A good day: I'm happy and tired.


The Crow said...

I have discovered that, in my case anyway, sewing projects always take more time than I anticipate at the beginning. They don't always turn out as anticipated, either.

Yours, however, look great! I would carry plump loaves of Ukrainian (whole grain, seeds of all sorts, dense, yum) in the bread bag - just because.

Lady Chardonnay said...

I LOVE the tomato bag!!!!!

This is such a cool idea. Yay, you.

(I am terrible at your new verification system, btw -- in my opinion, NOTHING "matches" the picture they're showing me)

Zhoen said...

Very nice, although that tomato has a rather saucy expression. Happy and tired, good way to end a day.

Lady C,
I just refresh to get away from the photos, don't like 'em either.

Frex said...

CROW: Yes, me too: in general my projects always take more time rather than less.
Ukrainian bread! There's an Easter European bakery/deli across the river---they sell sausages too--must go get some in my cloth bag!

Except the sausage---that smells so strongly, I'll stick to plastic there.

LADY C: Thanks! I ended up giving that tomato bag to bink, who also loved it.

ANd that verification system: WTF?

ZHOEN: Heh, the tomato is saucy.

Thanks for the tip of refreshing to get away from the verification photos---I hadn't thought of that.