Friday, April 3, 2015

Teeny Toes Cheer Me Up

Just lately, my life feels a bit like my bike's drive chain after a winter of biking (gunky, in need of a tune up), so I'm cheering myself by watching some of my favorite Captain Kirk fanvids. 
It makes me ridiculously happy to see that someone has made a FOUR HOUR loop of Captain Kirk Is Climbing a Mountain.

Since this vid references fingers and teeny toes I googled "Kirk & nail art" --here's my favorite image (even though it's a scene between two starships from the second reboot movie, which I don't care about, ST: Into Darkness): "Star Trek Nails: Stand-Off in Space", from To Boldly Polish: Nail Polish and Geekery.

OK. Now I've listened to the vid for half an hour.  
 I'm going to turn it off and watch the very first episode of Star Trek. Despite having written 333 posts (now 334) about it, I've barely watched any episodes since I rewatched the whole shebang seven years ago, in early 2008. 
Also, I have dark chocolate. So it's not a bad Friday, really.

Oh, wait. Can't mention Kirk and not have a picture. 
*scoops one from the nets*

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