Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pat the Beleaguered Bunny

The more I work closely with teh humans, the more I need my cute little animals. I biked to the Thrift Store to buy this one ^ yesterday after work. 
Fifty cents.
I'd seen it the day before and decided I "shouldn't" buy it, yet stashed it away where no one else could. (Do you do this? Talk yourself out of harmless pleasures?) 

The bunny and I sat on the couch last night, rereading a Jackson Brodie novel by Kate Atkinson. This one (the second of four). >

They're novels featuring a detective rather than detective novels, I'd say. That is, they're more about the people than the detection. They're dark, but don't go into gory detail (unlike, say, the wonderful crime novels by Minette Walters that I don't read if I'm feeling vulnerable).

In an interview with Nancy Pearl Atkinson said that Brodie is a woman:
"He's really a woman, I’ve decided. ... I think I just made him a woman with very manly attributes. You know, lots of women really like him and I’m sure that’s the reason. Inside he’s soft, and he likes women, and he wants to protect women. The fact that he wants to protect women is the reason women like him. He definitely has that type of sheepdog herding instinct which I think women really value."
That seems right to me--good reading for beleaguered bunnies.
(It also seems right to me that manly-looking sheepdog-man Jason Isaacs plays Brodie in the [alas, not very good] BBC adaptations. Look familiar? Picture him in a long blond wig.) 

There's nothing wrong with me that a couple days off with nothing much to do won't set right. And hey, that's what I've got--nothing much to do until Tuesday.


Zhoen said...

Some days, we all need a bunny to take care of us. Or a sheepdog.

I've done way too much, and need to not do, but I want to do more. This is a conundrum.

bink said...

That bunny looks like it will become good friends with the Lollpoop. Is it's name Fluffy?

Speaking of...I saw a young Latino man wearing entering the MIA (Art Museum) today wearing a hoodie that read FLUFFY, in big letter's across the chest. If he hadn't been part of a group I would have stopped him and asked him about it.

bink said...

Its, not it's--I know better. It was a typo.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Yes, sometimes I have to stop myself from doing things I want to do because I know I am running on fumes.
I guess that means I am my own sheepdog. :)

BNK: FLUFFY! I want a hoodie that says that!
This bunny doesn't have a name yet though.

(I know you know "it's" from "its", silly bunny!)

Fresca said...

Oh, bink---I googled "hoodie fluffy" and it's a reference to Gabriel Iglesias, U.S. comic of Mexican descent whose tag is, "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy."

bink said...

Funny. The kid wearing the fluffy hoodie was very thin--so that meaning had not occurred to me.