Saturday, March 28, 2015

Movie Moment: WALL-E's Spork

It's a Two-Movie-Moments Day!

This one from WALL-E, one of my favorite movies, ever.
You know I recently turned down a freelance job writing a kids' book about garbage? Well, I'm still temped to reverse that decision because I could actually base it on this movie about a brave little trash compactor, carrying on in an Earth buried in garbage.

(WALL-E stands for "Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class".)

The movie came up with fellow thrift-store workers yesterday (like The Full Monty, post below)---not surprisingly:
Wall-E is a Thrift Herder and Thing Finder par excellence, and the movie includes a million little details to make Thing-Lovers squeal.

Wall-E saves junk that attract him. Here, he tries to categorize a plastic utensil. Spoon? Fork?

He ends up placing it in the middle.

Gif found at Wondrously Polished
in a post about amazing WALL-E nail art that includes the spork:


The Crow said...

I've watched WALL-E three or four times, but it has been a while, so I might be visiting amazon again later, this evening.

Another favorite is Paulie. That one I have.

Cold, dreary days are excellent stay-home-movie days.

Fresca said...

Hey, CROW: Yeah, Wall-e really rewards multiple viewings, doesn't it.

I don't know"Paulie"--I looked it up--do you mean the movie about a parrot?
I love parrots!

The Crow said...

That's the one, Fresca.