Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mind Your Js and Ns

"I want to make..." 
The 98-year-old woman in the Sewing Group pauses––not because she has dementia (as far as I can tell, she doesn't) but because her native Spanish is far better than her English.
"I want to make . . . conejos".

Well, it's almost Easter and that sounds like "coneys", a word I think I've read in, is it D. H. Lawrence? * 

I guess, "Rabbits? Bunnies for Easter? With ears...?"

"Yes!" she says.

So I run downstairs to the computer and print out a simple Easter bunny pattern and take it back upstairs.

I show her the pattern. "Is this right? Cojones?"

She broke into a big, long laugh.

Conejos. Bunnies.

Cojones. Balls.

The Sewing Group cut out the felt (lucky we had some), I stitched the pieces on the machine, they stuffed them, and the bunnies turned out pretty well. Tomorrow I'll bring in buttons for los ojos.

*I looked up "coney" and reading its history, I think it's Tolkien I know it from, not Lawrence.  Though it's a game-keepery kind of word, so you can see how I'd attribute it to him.


Zhoen said...

I'm sure I know it from Tolkien. Took me a long while before I looked it up.

Why can't you hear when bunnies are having sex?

Cotton balls.

Fresca said...

I think it was Sam Gamgee, eh?

Ha, to the joke. (I never can guess jokes.)

bink said...

Hey, that bunny is real cute!

Zhoen said...

Yeah, one of the many "eating scenes."