Thursday, March 12, 2015


I watercolored this copy of happify's photo, but-- argh! --my oranges (or, in this case, clementines) always look like a cross between tomatoes and bagels. [Proof.]

I painted it for my father's neighbor as a thank-you for spending yesterday afternoon at the hospital with my father after he almost fainted.

Turns out my father (a Capricorn) is just a fainting goat--no actual medical problems. 


[NOTE, April 2017: 
Actually, it was dehydration and signaled the start of his general decline...] 

My father's  neighbor is a professor of art history, so I'm a little chagrined, but I'm sending this to her anyway. 
It's pretty and shows sincere effort at least, don't you think? 


bink said...

You are crazy! They look exactly like clementines--they even have that flat lop-sidedness that clementines have. This is a very nice painting and there should be no "argh!" associated with it.

So there! :-)

The Crow said...

What Bink said - EXACTLY!

Look, if you don't want it, I'll take it. (I think I might have to stand behind Bink in that line, though.)

Fresca said...

OK, bink & Crow, you're right---I went away for a few hours--mailed this painting to my father's neighbor (sorry, Crow)--came home just now and look at the scan and think, "Luminous orange fruit!"

I guess it was just my first knee-jerk reaction to see the problems. But, hey, if someone sent this to me, I'd be thrilled.

Zhoen said...

I did consider persimmons. It's warm and juicy and colorful and friendly.

Frex said...

Frex = Fresca

Laura B said...

This is a beautiful painting, AND it looks like clementines/oranges in a bowl!!!

Julia said...

I'm with the yay-sayers. It's beautiful and I'm glad a step away let you see that beauty too--time/distance is lovely in its perspective!

Fresca said...

Thanks, Laura and Julia!
I might paint it again--I'd originally wanted to paint a simple abstraction of Julia's photo... Hm.
I have a hard time not overworking paintings.