Thursday, March 26, 2015

Brain Appreciation

Do you check your e-mail when you wake up? 
It seems a bad habit, but I usually do. 

This morning I'm glad I did: there was a message from the Big Boss where I work saying I would, after all, be paid for attending the Dementia Conference a couple weekends ago.

Imagine my surprise last week when I'd submitted my hours and was told that my workplace does not pay for conference time... 

I wrote a letter of protest pointing out that since I went on work time (with their approval), I was actually losing money while becoming a more valuable employee.
I'm a little surprised they saw reason and reversed it, but they did (with a warning that it was "just this once").

Other good news: 
I'm in the middle of a second copy edit job for the children's publisher I used to work for regularly. After 6 months at my dementia job, I now have the energy (physical and mental) to do other things. I need the money (they pay much better than Activities, and, frankly, the work is easier (for me, anyway)), and I want to work with the printed word again.

It's been great! 
All my former annoyances at working with other people's words now seem piddling. In fact, while both manuscripts have been of only ...average quality, shall we say, they seem on the verge of miraculous to me---like, how many nerve connections does it take to end a sentence with a period? 

Truly I am in the throes of Brain Appreciation:
we humans could be so great! 

It is contraindicated, however, to mix belief in Human Potential with the experience of Health Care Administration.
A couple days ago I was in such a funk about work (and then about Everything), Marz said,
"If you'd stop thinking people could be great, your life would improve."

I don't agree with her, but it made me laugh, and that helps.

Off to work now. Have a great day!

{I don't know where the LOLcat's from...}


bink said...

Only Marz could think if you stop thinking people could be great life would improve.


Don't listen to her. You keep inspiring people to be their best selves. That's part of your best self.

Zhoen said...

People are so very interesting, though.

Glad they paid up, even if with such poor grace. Stinginess is an ugly trait in anyone in charge of anything.

Love your lolcat.

Marz said...

If I'd stop thinking Francesca could stop thinking people could be great, MY life would improve!

Fresca said...

BINK & MARZ: Yes, I don't think I could stop anyway. :)

ZHOEN: Aaargh, the stinginess at my workplace---very unattractive.

Afraid I don't know who made the LOLcat...