Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Welcome Committee


Zhoen said...

"Och! He's alreaddy passed out, got no head for whiskey at'lll."

mortmere said...

I don't know who made this, but here's Jim's point of view:

The Internet really knows how to wrench your heart on days like these, doesn't it?

When I rediscovered TOS shortly after Jimmy Doohan passed away, I didn't expect many from the original crew to be around (at least for not much longer) so I was quite prepared for, though of course saddened by, the news of Leonard's death. We were lucky to have him with us for so long, on Twitter and all (although it makes it so much harder to part with him). LLAP

Jennifer McGee said...

Oh, well, that broke my heart all over again (Spock's nonverbals! He is not partying until Jim is there!) This has been a hard couple of days for all of us, but you have me a smile along with the heartbreak, and that means a lot.

Fresca said...


MORTMERE: Thank your for that (stab to the heart)---I just reposted it.

JENNIFER: I choked up again, seeing you here---right after Mortmere---my two oldest Star Trek friends.
I didn't get Spock's words quite right, but then, as you point out, I wouldn't even have to---his body language says something like, "I prefer to wait for the captain."