Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Testing Wordpress

Due to feeling grumbly about Google [see post below], I'm thinking of changing blog hosts. I just now set up a Wordpress blog to check them out, here: lastronave.wordpress.com
(It's free, but, alas, they charge $30/year for the ad-free option, which I didn't choose. That's one of the things that gives me pause.)

I am not moving there at this point---I want to research more. Like, who owns Wordpress anyway? Are they truly any better than Blogger/Google?

Here's my test page. The "Space Ship" needle case is made in Japan--I found it on Pinterest, that impossible-to-find-the-source site. Cute, eh? [You know l'astronave is Italian for "space ship".]

I feel unexpectedly sad at the idea of leaving Blogger, where I've blogged since the beginning (for me, 2003). Makes me feel like crying.
But I think of my Auntie Vi, who sold her car at New Year's. She told me, "Someone almost 90 has no business driving." I know it was a punch in the gut, but she would only admit to it being "an adjustment." 

Her relentless cheerfulness used to bother me--it felt almost brutal, her refusal to admit to sadness--but the older we get, the more I see the wisdom of it. 
Something needs to be done? Your choices are...

1) Do it gracefully, under your own steam
2) Don't do it (it will do you)

I kind of admire that second "do not go gentle" option, but it costs a lot. Changing blog platforms probably isn't worth it. And a small part of me feels excited to have a fresh new place to blog.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the rocket!

bink said...

Oh, that wasn't meant to be anonymous--that was meant be me!

Fresca said...

Isn't it a darling fat rocket? I love it too. :)