Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Help Me Make a Needle Book For My Birthday?

Oh, boy! A New Thing to Me: needle books = things to make that are both bookish and stitchery. 

Maybe I'll ask everyone coming to my Scrappy Birthday Party to help me make one--everyone could embellish one page of felt or something.
Hm, or I could ask you blogfriends to play along too...

Yes! OK---If you like, please make me a page for my needle book.

It should be 5 inches (12.8 cm) square, total:
including 1-inch (2.5 cm) on the left unadorned, for me to sew into a book
You can make it out of any material(s) that will hold a needle, such as felt.

Please mail it to me either by February 21 (a week from Saturday, the date of my party) or March 5 (my actual birthday).

Here's a cool one from Plays with Needles (thanks, for the link, Crow).


The Crow said...

I was inspired by her post to make a couple, myself!

I found several images of needle cases/needle books for more inspiration, bought some felt in different colors then rummaged through my stash of trims for ideas. It is my plan to start one on Saturday morning.

I like her labels, but am thinking I could make some myself or embroider them right on the pages.

(Doesn't she do fantastic work? I used to do all sorts of needlework when I was younger, but put that part of my life aside, thinking I'd pick it up again. Just didn't think it would take me over 25 years to do so. Better late than never, though!)

The Crow said...

PS: yes, I'll send you a page!

Fresca said...

Hey, thanks, Crow---that's neat you are making one too!
Yes, I'm inspired by this and other sewing blogs---I think of myself as a non-sewer, but in fact, my mother taught me needlework and my auntie taught me to sew on a machine, and while I never loved those things, I liked them well enough... and it's like riding a bike--I remember how to do them, which is a delight!