Sunday, January 18, 2015


Spool of paper-lined taffeta ribbon and stork scissors, 
from the Thrift Store 

My photo was inspired by Happify's photos of things: I'd asked her how she got her backgrounds so black. 

"Black cloth," she said. 
The word taffeta comes from Persian, everyone agrees, but I found various etymologies. Some say it means "twisted woven"; I prefer "based on Persian tāftan ‘to shine.’"


Zhoen said...

"Taffeta, darling."

Fresca said...

Oh, so funny! I'd forgotten that scene from Young Frankenstein, but I do remember Madeline Kahn's "no tongues"! She was great.

poodletail said...


And my favorite line from Young Frankenstein! It's a good day. Thanks.

Fresca said...

You're welcome, Poodle!
Thanks for visiting!
I often think of you when I'm sorting the fabrics & fibers. The other day we got some to-die-for yarn of merino + silk---must be like what you made my first scarf out of (though that was Japanese, I seem to recall.)

Julia said...

Beautiful! And I like your choice for etymologies best, although "twisted woven" is reminding me of another thrift store find fueled rabbit hole of beautiful knots for utilitarian purposes that I fell into. But that's not what taffeta is like!

poodletail said...

Speaking of yarns, fabrics, and fibers: Thursday evenings I knit with a group of people at our cozy and excellent yarn store here, Churchmouse. Last night I noticed everyone's projects were either a dull aqua or brown. Now, no one loves neutrals more than I do - my favorite color to knit is white. And I totally get the dull turquoise thing: it's the color of water here. But knitting my multicolored thingamajig I felt like a freak and this was validated by my fellow knitters: "How will you wear that???" "Did you mean for those colors to go together?" , etc. I don't know what else to say about this.