Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good Things

Yesterday I walked into the Thrift Store and three people in different parts of the store called out my name, happy to see me.
It was like a balm, to be recognized. 

How hard it is to labor alone, among others, as I do now. [I mean the lack of connection with the other staff, not the people with dementia, who don't know my name but often say kind things to me.]
 Not at all like laboring alone by myself, as I did as a freelancer.

Then the store manager took me aside and asked if I'd like to be on the board that grants the store's profits to people and groups that apply for it.

Yes! I would love to work more for no pay! 
No, really. I am honored, and I very much do want to help the store fulfill its mission to support the community. It's one of the things I miss where I work now-- a for-profit business that doesn't reach out to the community in any concerted way.

Grumbles about my workplace aside, the work itself continues to be good.  

Yesterday at my suggestion we went to the plant conservatory > >

People (including me!) were in raptures about the flowers. 

It's the best place to escape January.



Zhoen said...

Good to be seen.

Oh, that looks a wonderful place, so green.

Fresca said...

It is a wonderful place---in an old Victorian-style greenhouse, like the Palm House at Kew Gardens.
Even the air is green!

poodletail said...

Wonderful field trip! For anyone, anytime but most especially in the middle of a MN winter.poo

Fresca said...

POO: We could go there after our Spot-the-Doggie tour of the art museum!

poodletail said...

It's a date. -poo