Saturday, December 13, 2014

Walk Slow. Talk Slow.

Walk slow, talk slow. Marz came up with that slogan for me at work. I've slowed down a little, but sometimes I get into such a spin, even the residents tell me to slow down.

"Have you stopped for lunch yet?" one asked me. "You need a break too."

Another said, "Stop! Take a deep breath!"

I need to accept that I can't spend time with everyone, every day. But in the next few days, I do want to at least offer everyone the chance to send a Christmas card to a friend of family member.
 My original ambitious plan had been for everyone to make a Christmas card. About a dozen people did, in fact, but I'd have to do one-on-ones with the others (because they don't like group activities, or because they need more guidance) to get them done, and I just don't have the time.

Yesterday, instead, I bought 70 cards at the Thrift Store (10 cents each!), and I will offer people a choice of two or three designs.
I will do this in a relaxed manner. Yes, I will.

Then, if I have time, I'll go outside with a couple people who love to walk. It's warm: 40 degrees!
I read that if people with dementia get 20 minutes of direct daylight, that reduces symptoms of agitation and sleeplessness.
(I'd say, for people without dementia too.)

Not only do I not have time to go on walks on worktime, in MN often it's way too icy and cold. So I want to take advantage of the warm weather. 


I shall imagine myself the lovechild of a slow loris + Mr John Wayne:
 P.S. Lady Gaga reportedly bitten by a slow loris on set of new video


Zhoen said...

As someone with a similar issue with speeding, you have my sympathy.

They have no sense of rush, no agenda, no need to get anything done. Next Christmas would work just as well for them.

The Crow said...

Were I a tiny, slow-moving loris facing Lady Gaga, she (sometimes) of the outlandish attire, I believe I might do more than nip!

What a treasure box the earth is, full of awe-inspiring creatures - the loris, Marion Morrison, even the Gaga!

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: You're right! Now never, it's all the same to the residents. They did enjoy the moment of choosing and signing cards, but I do this sort of thing more for the families, who I think will be thrilled to get a card in the mail from their mom or dad. (Most people are widowed and sent cards to their kids.)

CROW: Now I want to get a slow loris and name it Marion!

bink said...

Awww...I wanted to see a video of the slow loris biting. Disappointed.