Monday, December 22, 2014

The Flying Solstice Goat

At home yesterday, Winter Solstice, while I finished stitching up fifteen hot pads so the Sewing Group can hand them out to aides and staff this week, Marz got busy decorating for Christmas.

Mr Robinson, the goat, wanted to be the flying angel.
––––––––––––The final touch...


The Crow said...

I am impressed with the imagination (and engineering skills) Marz displayed in decorating your home. Mr. Robinson is perfectly balanced!

I didn't decorate this year, but Marz has inspired me to do so next year. For that matter, who says I can't decorate for the Solstice Season in spring? And again in Winter?

This was a delight to see; thank you both.

Pardon me while I go prove to Google that I am not a robot...I am not a robot...not a robot...not a (whirr-jingle-click-blink-flash)

ArtSparker said...

Hello, just catching up here. Happy Holidays to you both!

bink said...

Mr. Robinson is obviously a natural flyer.

Zhoen said...

Holy flyin' sheep!