Friday, December 5, 2014

Making Stuff *Meaningful*

I wrote yesterday about how I lead a lot of craft-making in my job.
I didn't say, but could you guess? that I'm a little dubious about this, and my doubts were heightened when my boss and I went to a craft store and dropped hundreds of dollars on DIY crap made by . . . by I hate to think of who.

When the residents and I paint cut-out snowflakes, are we just killing time, rather than passing time?

Some days, probably yes, it's just busy work. (Not that that's the worst thing when otherwise the residents would just be staring at TV.)
But yesterday, definitely no! 
We had a great day preparing a birthday party for my young boss, the activities director. I don't think most residents knew who it was for, since she was out of sight, but people really got into watercoloring birthday cards, blowing up balloons, and making chocolate cake.
Everything connecting, working toward a moment of personal connection---this clearly means something to people, even if it winks out like a firefly.

It so happened that yesterday "corporate" was coming for a tour, and I'd been warned to be alert for the shirts coming through.  
When they did, the floor was dusted in puffs of cocoa, and the table was smeared with brown frosting... I hope they're sharp enough to see this as a sign of good work.

I've stopped taking my camera to work--it's too intrusive--but I did bring it to record the birthday party:


The Crow said...

Wow, that cake looks fantastic! And who wouldn't be delighted to receive those cards? I treasure the handmade cards my daughter and grandson have made for me, especially the one of a crow wearing a crown that Donovan did for me on Mother's Day a few years ago. Hallmark just can't compete.

I hope she enjoyed her surprise.

Zhoen said...

That's enthusiasm, and very appealing, too.

I get what you mean about crafts, as someone who gets very annoyed with busywork. You seem to be doing both, though.

Fresca said...

CROW: Thanks, the cake was fantastic---made from scratch with butter & eggs...
My boss said we made her day, and I believed her.

ZHOEN: Yes, I'm pondering what we might do... if only for MY sake. I'm going to look into volunteer stuff---maybe I could find something simple we could do like making fleece blankets for babies hospitals???