Friday, October 31, 2014


This photo I took at work yesterday gives me pangs of joy.

Bowling with a lightweight ball & pins was a big hit on 2nd floor---both men and women liked it, which is rare. (So far, mostly I can't get the men interested in the activities I offer.)
I moved the pins closer or farther from each person, and all but the most disabled were able to launch the ball and knock a few down. Very satisfying! and people cheered for one another too.

I can't post most photos I take at work because they clearly show people's faces, but this is my favorite anyway. I did blur the features a little for privacy; it still works, I hope. 

I could imagine doing a photo essay showing a side of life with dementia that isn't normally shown: 
people being themselves, not just losing parts of themselves... 
So much non-verbal stuff remains in play, even as the analytical part of the brain fails.


The Crow said...

The last paragraph of your post was especially poignant for me.

What a wonderful job you have, Fresca.

Zhoen said...

A little motor oil smell for the men, perhaps. Or bay rum.

Ah, like bocce ball, the traditional sport of old men in some areas.

Fresca said...

CROW: I read someone say that fundraisers emphasize the devastation of dementia, which is important (money for research) but gives a skewed idea.

A book I read was titled "Content Dementia" showing that people with dementia may not be their old selves but they need not be miserable NOR without personality--ha! NOT AT ALL.

It is a wonderful job, I'm finding.

ZHOEN: I haven't taken the kids bike in yet---that smells like the fresh oil I put on it.

Hey, yeah--bocce ball! I forgot--thanks for the reminder.