Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The night before my job interview...

...naturally I have invited friends over for dinner.

Actually, that's a good thing---it's keeping me a bit scrambled, getting everything together, so I don't have time to sit and stew.
And that's what's for dinner: ratatouille, i.e. the stew you make when you have zucchini and tomatoes coming out your ears. Ingredients from the Farmers Market, as is the accompanying soft goat cheese rolled in "gin berries" (juniper).

For my interview, tomorrow morning, as I've said, I have to design and implement an activity with people with memory loss. 

I went to the Thrift Store and got 5 little glass bottles to set the mini-sunflowers in, > 

and some blue napkins to set them on.
I want to stick with basic, familiar colors and things.

I already had the blank cards for people to paint on, and the residence will supply watercolors (and brushes, and pots of water, I am hoping!).

I said to a coworker at the store that it seems to me it's asking a lot of a candidate to prepare an activity for a place and a population they've never seen before. And for a part-time, low-paying job too (though a super important one).

"Oh, there probably isn't any job opening," he said. "They just get a few candidates every week to come do activities and then tell them they've hired someone else."

Of course I don't have to do all this extra work, but I want to avoid getting flustered.
It's like being asked to plan and prepare a meal in a kitchen you've never seen. Even a so-called simple meal involves locating a lot of basic implements: it's easier if you just bring them with you.

My only nice shoes are pretty beat up, so I was hoping I'd find something better at the Thrift Store. 
In fact, I was counting on it, because I love the Thrift Store and it loves me, and... sure enough. 
< Four dollars.

About all I have left to do is iron my linen shirt.

My sister always rolls her eyes at the idea of ironing linen.
"Linen is supposed to wrinkle."

This is the same sister (I only have one) who rolled her eyes at the clerk in the department store who didn't know if they carried madeleine pans, or what they were.

"Haven't you read Proust?" Sister asked him.

I myself never assume people have read Proust (I haven't!) or know about his thing with the madeleine, or think that wrinkled linen is a sign of sophistication.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I want this job.
If not this job, then one like it somewhere else. I think I'd be great at it, but you never know--maybe someone's niece is in the running too.


Michael Leddy said...

Do good!

deanna said...

I often wear a linen skirt and haven't ironed it. But somehow bottom half wrinkles don't seem wrong, while top half wrinkles do. Happy ironing, and best wishes for the interview.

Zhoen said...

Linen is kinda fun to iron. Inasmuch as any ironing is fun.

Had to do that for my psych rotation, for an inpatient unit. Just threw a koosh ball around with them, and they got very engaged and didn't want to stop.

Fresca said...

I did good and I did well!
Alas, I still didn't get the job. :(

DEANNA: Good point---linen wrinkles so pants and skirts are always wrinkled, but the top will stay smooth longer.

ZHOEN: I kinda like ironing, every once in a while.
Tossing a soft ball around is an Approved activity!