Monday, September 1, 2014

Strengthening Medicine

" . . . and she did inner thigh exercises for the rest of her life."

I was walking around the lake this Labor Day thinking about how the stuff that really matters is often the little stuff.
I used to hope something Big & Dramatic would come along and change my life forever, and Big Dramatic Things did come along, and I suppose they changed my life, but afterward all the little things were still there, needing to be attended to...  like strengthening my inner thighs so my knee joints stay in proper alignment. 
(The PT said it's quite common that outer thigh muscles are stronger than inner ones, and so they exert more pull on the knee.)

I started PT a few weeks ago for my creaky knees, and it's really helping.  I just have to keep doing the little things forever.


Zhoen said...

Looked up some of those, done a few. My knees ain't what they used to be either.

Fresca said...

Right---gotta compensate with all those other parts, like the glutes.

bink said...

Just keep reminding me... :-)

Great postcard: I wish Alfie would swing a hammock for me.

Fresca said...

Alfie's a smart boy--you could maybe teach him some such trick! :)