Sunday, September 7, 2014

Redistribution of Wealth

bink took me to the Farmers Market this morning, and I gave her the hat my auntie knitted. It suits her far better--and my auntie had already even said I could.
And here's a better photo of my new silk scarf ^ (in a breeze).


The Crow said...

Your scarf must be what the inside of a cloud looks like - refracted light, sparkling water droplets and ice crystals; so much ethereal goodness.

Hat looks great on Bink - suits her hair color and the shape of her head...from what I can see, that is.

Fresca said...

Oh, yes, Crow, that's good---the inside of a cloud--cold and sparkling! You can see, I think, how much pleasure it gives me.

I'm glad you concur that the hat suits bink! She physically matchers her astrological sign, I think: she's a Virgo, an Earth sign, and the cap looks earthy to me---while I am a Pisces, a Water sign, so the ice-and-light scarf matches that.