Friday, September 26, 2014

Job In, Teeth Out

Hooray! Yesterday I accepted the job as an Activities Assistant for people with Alzheimer's and other kinds of dementia, or as the residence calls it, memory loss. This is the work I want to do, so I am very happy. And working part-time, I can take classes or otherwise learn more about dementia and activities.
(Any tips on things to read or watch are welcome.)

According to HR, I will be at entry-level, which is ridiculous since right off the bat I will be expected to plan and lead my own activities. 
But here's the cool thing:
I don't feel resentful.

Yeah, I think HR is being narrow brained, but since I negotiated for my extra fifteen cents, I feel mighty!

Yesterday I also went with Marz to her wisdom teeth surgery, which, I'm relieved to say, went about as well as these things can go. I was a little worried, sitting in the waiting room, to see one young woman come out in a wheel chair, moaning.

But Marz chose local anesthetic + laughing gas, and she came out of the surgery all perky saying, "I love laughing gas!" 
Though by the time she was in the taxi going home, it had worn off and she looked like a sad little waif.

This morning though, she's pretty well, just a bit puffy-cheeked. She isn't even taking pain pills.
She's sitting on the couch with ice-packs on her head, watching The Office (US version). She is mumbly, so she's writing me notes. One read, "I sort of enjoyed the surgery––recovering is the hard part ."


The Crow said...

Congratulations on your new job, which-(except for HR and the money issue)-sounds like a dream job! You are an inspiration for standing tall and asking for what you want out of life.

Poor Marz. I remember having to have a wisdom tooth taken (cut) out many years ago. No fun.

Bookworm said...

Congratulations on the job! It's a shame that certain jobs aren't valued more. However, I'm know that you will do great things with the role.

Zhoen said...

Ice packs. Lots and lots of ice packs. Really, this is real advice. As much as she can stomach. Twenty minutes on, twenty off. I like the gel packs, some swear by frozen peas, as long as it's very cold and applied to the affected area.

Lady Chardonnay said...

So much congratulations to you!! And please give my sympathy to Marz; I vividly remember having all four of mine removed (the day before school pictures). But dear heavens, tell her to stop biting the metaphorical bullet and take some Motrin already; there are no trophies for Best Non-Medicated Recovery from Oral Surgery!!

And I am *over the moon* that you liked the first Betsy-Tacy books!!! My daughter flagged out during "Big Hill" as well. Fascinating! I do hope you've gone on to "Downtown." There are two distinct groups of BT fans: those who prefer the childhood books and those who prefer the high school books, but we all agree that "Downtown" is sublime. Happy reading!

Fresca said...

Thanks, all!

Z: Yep, she kept up with the ice-packs, and that seemed to help keep the swelling to a minimum.

LADY C! So nice to see you here:
I would like to see those school pictures too!

The Marz is wary of medication, but luckily the main reason she wasn't taking drugs is she really wasn't in pain, thankgod. Just a little sore. (Yeah, I'd have taken them for that.)

I must blog about Besty-Tacy--thanks for your encouragement to read them. I am waiting for "Downtown" to come into the library--so far, I far, far preferred the first two books (which I loved) to the two high school books I've read, with their "boys, boys, boys" and NOT ENOUGH TACY!