Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I graduated!

The physical therapist agreed with me today that I don't need to keep coming to PT for my knees anymore after this, my fourth, visit. I told her I wanted to keep coming––it's like having my own personal trainer––but if I didn't really need it, I didn't want to use up any more shared resources.

"PT really worked," I told her, "I can do deep knee bends again!"

"That's because you did your work," she said.

Well . . . I didn't tell her, but I'm no star patient. I didn't do all my exercises every single day, like I was supposed to. 

But I did most of them, most days, and that was good enough to take care of what was really only a minor problem:
strengthening the stabilizing muscles around my creaky knees--specifically the hip ad- and abductors.

Luckily, the exercises are simple and even kind of fun.

"Plain old Jane Fonda stuff," as the PT put it.

Not that Jane Fonda. But, yeah, Barbarella here is doing side leg lifts that strengthen outer hip/thigh muscles.


Zhoen said...

Put on the cap and gown and get drunk, then. Oh, not that kind of graduating, but what the hey.

Fresca said...

Well, since you mention it, maybe I will raise a glass of beer on my porch, this sunny autumn afternoon.
Here's to our physical power of healing.