Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who I Wanted to Be When I Was Ten

I was trying in the last post to write something about being a girl who didn't relate to the Disney version of what it meant to be female. 

So, what did I relate to?

The Seven Samurai!

I wanted to be the cool, quietly brave, selfless samurai Kyuzo. I was like the starry-eyed young samurai Katsushiro (standing) who tells the seated Kyuzo, "You are a splendid person."
I still love that movie, but I think I grew up to be more like Kikuchiyo (Toshiro Mifune), the talkative, emotional peasant who pretends to be a samurai. >

He's a real baby rhino of a character, a bit of a fool who in the end becomes his own kind of splendid person.

I wonder, who did you want to be?


Zhoen said...

One of my favorites, and Mifune especially. I don't think I wanted to *be* anyone else as a kid. I did want to live in a sit-com, though.

Fresca said...

Which sit-com, Zhoen?

I think my sister wanted to live in the "Mary Tyler Moore Show," and indeed she did grow up kind of like that!

bink said...

I wanted to Robin Hood, first and foremost. Later, a cowboy--like Roy Rogers; not a cowgirl--like Dale Evans (yes, I had this conversation with my mother.)

I also wanted to be adopted by the Addams Family.

If I had seen Seven Samurai as a kid, I am sure I would have wanted to be Kikuchiyo--not the boring, calm guys who are more like me.

Zhoen said...

All of them, written with me as the star. Or at least one of the kids. It varied.