Saturday, July 12, 2014

Space-Age Writing Technology (with Piggy-Back Detergent Action)

A friend recently commented that "space age" is now a dated term.
Funny, eh? 

This space-age Paper Mate lady capri (1957–1963) slim mini-pen is described as "precision engineered from ... shining chromium and vivid jewel-tone butyrates." (Butyrates?)

I found it at the Thrift Store, sorting through a soft paper bag of old stationery, some of it unusable, that also included a half-used box of these bluebird mail delivery cards, by American Greetings.

 Unfortunately the pen doesn't work, and you can't get the original "Piggy-Back Detergent Action" ink refills anymore
I did find this do-it yourself tip but I don't think I'm motivated enough to take these steps:
I found some cut-to-size Fisher Space Pen refills on ebay. For the Lady Capri, the indicated cut points were too large, so I used a fine saw to cut the refill, and then I removed excess ink with a toothpick to avoid leakage into the pen.


Michael Leddy said...

Too bad. If you happen to find a Parker Lady Jotter, or any Jotter, the current Parker refill should still work.

deanna said...

Um, butyrates...that seems rather random. But so do "ladies' pens", in our space age times. ;)

Fresca said...

MICHAEL: A Lady Jotter?
What a great name! I want one!

DEANNA: I guess that's ad-copy, eh? Random.
I can't imagine a "lady's pen" being marketed now.

Zhoen said...

I'm going to get some Men's Pocky, just in response to a Lady Capris.