Wednesday, July 16, 2014

See Something, Say Something

During the baseball fan convention, I called security on a guy at the Convention Center. Turns out, I shouldn't have.

"There's a man walking through the hall" I reported, "carrying a gun on his hip."

"Nope, he can do that," security replied, "we're a public space."

"But I thought 'conceal and carry' meant they had to at least conceal it?"


If this man had lit up a cigarette, security would have been on him in a second. 

Maybe one day guns will be as unacceptable as cigarettes. Public perceptions do change...

Here's an ad from 1953>

The boss is trying to convince his stenographer to use a new postage meter. 

See the whole ad with copy here.


The Crow said...

Well, that's got my blood boiling this morning!

Fresca said...

I know! Crazy-making, huh?