Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Resentment Management. Snip.

I've been kind of annoyed with teh Humans lately. Guns, cars, hypocrisy. Grumble, grumble.
And my annoyance yesterday with the Public Health program (their unimaginative dismissal of people who don't drive) coincided with our hottest and most humid day yet this summer.

I took action!
I took everything out of my kitchen cupboards and washed them all, inside and out, with vinegar water.

 I'm not a particularly tidy person, but this sort of thing makes me feel I have restored harmony to one tiny corner of the Universe, for a moment. I probably simply sweated out much of my resentment too.

Also, beer.

I e-mailed the Public Health people 
this morning saying that they might want to revisit their Resentment Abatement and Dignity Dispersal policies (especially important when working with volunteers, I should think), and that in the meantime, I am not schlepping over there on public transportation (2 hours, RT). 
They can kick me out of the program for noncompliance if they want.


[Fluffy with safety scissors by Simone Lia.]

The Marzipan has gone back to her place of origin for a family reunion this week. I hope, by the time she returns to have put the whole apartment in order.
This idea makes me happy.


bink said...

Snip! yes! Fluffy would drive a tractor over them!

Zhoen said...

My D doesn't drive, never has. This is a constant frustration in his life, the attitude of obligate drivers.

We loved Boston without a car just fine.

Always cheaper to live if you have enough money.

Fresca said...

BINK: Heh. But Fluffy doesn't drive. Its little feet won't reach the pedals!

Z: I love hearing about other nondrivers! Some cities are good for public/non-car transportation---Mpls. is pretty OK.

Marz said...

To confirm:
The apartment was, in fact, shinier and more orderly when I returned.