Monday, June 30, 2014

Thrift Store Find

Hand-painted lotus blossom plate from Red Wing Pottery, 
on my back porch, with fresh figs

Two dollars. In excellent, undamaged condition, which this is not, lotus plates sell for about $15.  
I just learned that you can sometimes remove stains from crazing (tiny cracks in the glaze) by soaking them in 40% hydrogen peroxide.

Lotus was introduced in the late 1940s (exact year is uncertain) and made through 1957. Red Wing is in Minnesota, just down the river.

"Most Red Wing dinnerware patterns were designed by Charles Murphy, but one notable exception was the bestseller Town and Country,  
which was created in 1946 by noted industrial designer Eva Zeisel." [--Wisc. Pottery site]

Funny---I'd just posted a design by Eva Zeisel. 
This is her Red Wing dishware, right
(photo from article on Women Designers).

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