Sunday, June 22, 2014

Father, Sister

I've given up on most of the sketchbooks I've ever started, except  for travel sketchbooks. Since I've been doing visual art again in the last year or so, I finally realized I mostly care about people, about faces. Architecture, nature: I don't care so much. But faces are hard, so I hardly ever tried to draw them. This time round, I'm focusing on them. 

Here are my father and my sister. He drove up to celebrate my sister's 55th birthday, and we spent an afternoon on her deck, drinking beer and sketching. These are the best of my efforts. Not photo-realistic, of course, but they definitely catch something of my family.


deanna said...

These details...I really like them. It feels like what I try to do with closeup photos. Finding particular details and focusing in. Only you're more accomplished, and there are captions.

Frex said...

FRESCA ("Frex") says:
Thanks, Deanna! That's something I like about drawing---it forces me to pay attention to the deatils.

Anne Lippin said...

I particularly love the quotes with the drawings - adding to the personality.