Friday, June 13, 2014

Expendable, Expandable


For those who don't know, the joke I'm making in my comic here is, in Star Trek, the security crew members on the starship Enterprise are known (by fans) as Red Shirts, for their red uniform shirts: 
they are the guys who get asphyxiated by sentient clouds, turned into crumbly bath-cubes by aliens, and otherwise succumb first to the dangers of interstellar exploration. (Supposedly.)

Meanwhile, Captain Kirk struggles with his expanding waistband and occasionally dons slimming (?) wraparound green uniform tops. 

Hey, I just remembered: I feature Kirk in his wraparound top and the death of a redshirt in my very first fanvid, Don't Touch Jim's Flower--here below. Wow, I made it almost exactly six years ago (June 28, 2008). I still think it's very dear.

I didn't realize until I researched it for my cartoon that Kirk has three green wraparounds, and one gold one! 

photostrip found on RPD: Craft Your Fandom (a replica prop and costume community) 

William Ware Theiss designed the Star Trek TOS costumes.


Jeff wood said...

Fresca! I lost your email address! Email me! I miss you!

deanna said...

As a kid I never knew why Kirk wore that different shirt sometimes. It was a mystery. But so are many things during childhood, and they can remain that way without worry. I wouldn't have imagined either a starship captain or TV show star worrying about how they looked.

Your video is still fun.

Zhoen said...

Apparently they were much more comfortable than the ones for the subsequent series.

Fresca said...


DEANNA: I don't think Captain Kirk himself cared a whit, but I gather the TV producers did. :)

ZHOEN: Not sure about the women's, though... Looks like it'd be really awkward to go to the bathroom.