Sunday, May 11, 2014

Natty Rumpo

I sketched this doggie, Natalie, that I'm house sitting. 
It cracks me up how she sits on her bottom and sticks her legs straight out, like a little kid. She may look a bit fearsome, but she has the personality of a little kid too––a sweet one.


Zhoen said...

Love those bony, square headed dogs with a sweet heart.

deanna said...

Natty Rumpo, what fun. I can imagine there being a children's book about her -- one of those I used to look forward to reading to my kids, even when I was dead tired.

poodletail said...

Ohhhh ... my friend Natalie is aging so gracefully. I love her sweet and frosty face. Fresca, will you please give her a kiss from me, right on that sweet flat spot between her eyes? Thank you.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: She's all that.

DEANNA: Nat would make a good character for kids alright.

POODLE: She is a bit stiff now, but otherwise just the same. I kissed her for you and she sent a lick back.