Thursday, May 22, 2014

Collaborative Cartooning

Collaboration is hard for the same reason it's good:
other people aren't me.

Only people who aren't me can push me in ways I can't push myself (obviously), and that's the point of collaboration, as well as the rub of it.

Sometimes I grudgingly like to collaborate, because it's "good for me", but this morning's collaboration was an easy pleasure: 
Hannah e-mailed a sketch of something she'd witnessed, with a blank thought-bubble.
It was very satisfying to fill in the dog's thought.

Also somehow satisfying, I noticed on Blogger stats that I have published 1608 posts here. What a nice round number, 8 being half of 16 and all.

In the year 1608, Wikipedia informs me, King James I [whoa? what? strange guy....] granted to Sir Thomas Phillipps a permit to distill whiskey, and Bushmills Distillery claims this as the beginning of its production of Irish whiskey.


Zhoen said...

I really like that commentary from Dog.

Kings, bunch of rotters.

Fresca said...

Dog ain't dumb.
Not sure about kings...

bink said...

Love the what the dog is saying... and the fact that he is trilingual: since he obviously understands English, as well as speaking Dog and Greek.