Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lynda Barry and... is that you, Spock?

On her Near-Sighted Monkey tumblr, Lynda Barry posts pictures of monsters for her cartooning students to draw, including the Gorn--here (scroll past the many other cool things, including illustrations of Flannery O'Connor's prayer to be turned from a cheese into a mystic). 
I haven't come across any other L.B. references to Star Trek otherwise.

But I just found this, from 1983 (from here: Young Lynda Barry):

I bet every kid who grew up watching TV in the 60s would recognize that 'JIM!' as Spock's warning call to the Captain.

And l'astronave means "rocket" (or star/space-ship), you know, so I like this doubletime.


deanna said...

Alan Blangy's site is fascinating (especially to a PNW-raised kid of his era).

Fresca said...

Good! That's a foreign land to me, you know. :)