Monday, March 10, 2014

Waters of March

Marz and I were humming the "Waters of March" as we leapt across the ponds  that formed on sidewalks and street curbs in the 50 ºF temps today.

Assignment to self:
freeze-frame and sketch Elis Regina singing "
Águas de Março" (Waters of March).

Watching her sing this with Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim, who wrote the song, always makes me happy.

American jazz singer Stacey Kent sings it in French:
 "Les eaux de Mars". 

Today I was working on sketching the moves I'm learning in TRX class. I like TRX a lot because it's elegant physics: my body is the weight & changing the angle of the ropes makes the moves easier or harder. Not that I look elegant doing it!


The Crow said...

Thanks for the introduction to Stacey Kent! Good jazz, as is Elis.

Fresca said...

I'd never heard her before either!