Wednesday, March 5, 2014

53 in 2014 = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

It's my birthday today! and it pleases me the way the numbers line up  this year. Well, not line up, you have to untangle them, but then they number 0–5.

At this age, I've finally given up on looking like a postwar Eastern European Godard-derivative member of the intelligentsia and am embracing my essential frivolousness:
You see what I bought for myself as a birthday present yesterday at the Thrift Store? 
A swirly purple shirt (four dollars), and a rubber toy of Babar's wife––what's her name? Celeste? Celestine?––with baby elephant (a piglet?) tucked in her purse. Fifty cents!

(I just washed my hair, it's not really this stringy.)

It's Ash Wednesday, which I like:
 Lent is a time to CLEAR THE CLUTTER. 
This doesn't mean throwing out my toys, heavens no! Rather, it's a call to lighten up! and make open space for goodness and grace, amidst all the hard stuff.


The Crow said...

Ooooh - love that blouse!

Happy birthday - and a gracious great many more!

Tintorera said...

Have a wonderful day! <3

Zhoen said...


PPY Birthday!

I've had Ash Wednesday on my B-day, which felt such a cheat.

Krista said...

Happy birthday, lovely human!

Michael Leddy said...

Happy birthday. And yes, she’s Celeste. She's also Babar’s cousin.

Bookworm said...

Happy Birthday (a day late).

Hope you had a lovely day - lightness, goodness and grace all the way.

Here's to another year of words and pictures.


Fresca said...

Thanks for the good wishes, all!

MICHAEL: His cousin?!? Oh my, I'll have to reread Babar again--I haven't since childhood.