Monday, February 24, 2014

Bee Burial: Two Versions

My archaeologist friend, Dr. H., draws the awesome Archaeological Oddities cartoons over at Prehistories: Adventures in Time and Space

When I posted the BEES CHART that I'd drawn when I was nine, like a good archaeologist she wondered about the bee burial. How was it done?

I went back to my nine-year-old self and drew this response.
Dr. H., meanwhile, drew her own, which I will post below mine. 

[click to embiggen]
"A bee dead in his newly dug grave umongst the lilys."
And here're Dr. H's Bee Grave, below.
She writes: "I've scanned in my notebook pages. It's fun to see what my bees look like on the pages of writing - before I looked at a picture of any actual bees. My drawings based on real bees are on the second set of pages. The beetles are sexton beetles, which really do dig graves."

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