Friday, January 3, 2014

Frex & Sneakz Dress Up

Clothes have mostly been a burden to me all my life, something that took time and money I didn't want to give, sort of like dentistry. Plus, choosing how to dress, I often felt too fat, in one direction, or too vulnerable to unwanted sexual attention in the other.

As a teenager, I adopted a uniform I felt safe and comfortable and presentable in: jeans and T-shirts or turtlenecks. I haven't worn much else since. Working from home, mostly, for years, I actually own more pajamas than anything else.

At midlife, I'm a little less burdened by the old fears and dangers. I might could play dress-up now, if I want to. 

I don't know how much I want to---even when I was little, my mother couldn't get me interested in clothes. But since I've started volunteering once a week at a Thrift Store, I thought I may as well look around for something to wear. 
Maybe something fun.

Yesterday I went in early to look at the clothes rack. 
I chose a top that said Vivienne Westwood [links to a fun photo review] on it, partly because it's got a wonderful asymmetrical front and back, and partly because a blogfriend had recently mentioned that VW is from Glossop, like Hilary Mantel (author of one of my favorite books, Fludd).

I thought I'd just wear it at the cash register and see if I liked it. When two separate people complimented me on it, I decided to buy it. 
Five dollars.
Granted it's a knock-off (I looked up Westwood's label, and the shirt's is not it), but still, even I think that's not a bad deal. 

 Then I found a pair of clip on earrings in the jewelery case for two dollars. 
Don't they look smashing on Marz's fox Sneakz?

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poodletail said...

Score! That VW tee is to die for.