Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wrapped Up

The windows in this old apartment are leaky and the place is cold, though I plastic-wrapped the windows a couple weeks ago (below). 
I put off doing that as long as possible every winter, partly because I'm a procrastinator, but also because once it's done, you really feel sealed in.

 I went swimming at the YW today: it feels so wonderful to move freely, without 4 layers of clothing. Even at home, I am all wrapped up. I got this cashmere sweater last year at a rummage sale, and I wear it pretty much every day.


Zhoen said...

I love that stuff. The Duck window roll from last year went back up on the large, north, window. Drafts are such an issue here.

Cashmere, mmmmm… I have a lambswool sweater, red, that I love dearly.

ArtSparker said...

I have definitely got the extra layers on in California, and am sleeping with a sweater on over my pjs on some nights.

Fresca said...

Layers and wraps... I love the physics of staying warm---creating space to store heat. Kinda nifty.

poodletail said...

I like so much this photo of you. Most times I think of you you're in your purple sweater with some sort of a blue and green and purple scarf being blown around in the wind on the path around LOTI. I'm going to keep this one close: you, wrapped in cashmere and golden light, reading.

Fresca said...

POODLE: It is unusually gold, orange, and red for me, isn't it... But there is the blue wave comforter cover!