Thursday, December 26, 2013

Postcard #1: "You Have Places to Go" (Fresca)

At Christmas 2013, Bink scanned for me this long-lost series of "educational" postcards that we had made and sent each other in 1991-1992.

Postcard #1, me to bink
 You Have Places to Go
Dec. 3 1991


bink said...

These look great on your blog! I like the bits off each card that you have chosen for the titles. Damn, we were good! (Probably still are... but it's nice to have proof.) ;-)

Fresca said...

THANK YOU, bink, for digging these up and restoring them to me... in e-form!

I truly don't even remember most of these, so I can see them in a sort of objective way and agree that they are fun & good!