Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bringing Home the Tree

Marz carrying our little Christmas tree inside

To make room for a tree in our small place, Marz and I put both our beds in the same bedroom (there's only the one; I usually sleep in the main room).

There'll be seven of us at Christmas Eve dinner. I like dinner parties where everyone stays at the table and talks for hours. In this case, people will have to remain at the table because there won't be anywhere else to sit.


Zhoen said...

Our tree is about the same size, but silk, not real tree. Gotten when we lived in tiny places, too. Now, it would seem wrong to abandon the wee thing.

Fresca said...

It's nice, isn't it, to have the same old things from Christmas to Christmas. I have barely any old C'mas stuff: living alone for 13 years, I didn't bother much with decorations.

We almost bought an artificial tree this year--Marz wanted one of those white ones! But we couldn't find a fitting one.
Silk plants are really good now, I've noticed, not like the horrible plastic artificial plants of my (our!) childhoods.

Zhoen said...

Can't find anything like what we have, either. All "pre-lit" which doesn't appeal.

I have decorations from elderly neighbors who gave my parents theirs when they stopped putting up trees, and we were the only house with kids. I feel like the guardian of traditions before my awareness.

poodletail said...

Mr. Poodle and I didn't put up a tree this year, some years the family ornaments are too heavy. But! A dear friend sent a tiny tree made of ivy and it's just perfect for Christmas of 2013. Looking forward to seeing your pretty tree.