Friday, November 15, 2013


Watercolor from a still of a home movie of us at the circus (1964).
My mother helps me feed peanuts to an elephant, while my sister looks on. 
I still remember how softly the elephant touched my hand.


Zhoen said...

Such a sensual memory. Makes sense, such sensitive lips, would be soft.

poodletail said...

More, please.

Fresca said...

Photos help keep memories alive--I wonder, would I have forgotten this elephant without the image?

POODLE: Working on it.

bink said...

I can imagine from this picture, the thrill of experiencing the light touch of the elephant's trunk as it look a peanut (?) from your hand.

Fresca said...

BINK: Yes, a peanut.
The whole circus was a huge thrill to little me.
I also remember a furry toy on a stick. (There's no photo of that, so I know it's a memory that survived just because I was so over-the-moon about it.)