Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who do you look like?

"You look like Martha Stewart."

I'd never heard that one before.

The guy who said it to me was a blind-drunk stranger on the bus. I figure he just saw the hair cut.

He asked me if I wanted a boyfriend.

"Why," I said, "are you into Martha Stewart?"

"I could be," he said.

[left: me at the coffee shop this morning (wearing my new scarf)]

Before I met Marz, no one ever said I looked like anyone famous except, once, Monica Lewinsky.

Marz says I have a "plush look, with a strong facial structure" like the early Elvis, or Bill Shatner at my age.

above: Elvis, Bill, and Monica

Do people ever say you look like someone else?


Marz said...

You're related to Elvis! (Maybe?)

Someone once told me I looked like Prince Charles. And I do see it, a little bit.

Marz again said...

I think if Prince Charles and Don Knotts had a child, I would look more like that.

Fresca said...

MARZ: Ha! I would not have agreed, but the photos of the three of you you put on your blog prove you are right!

poodletail said...

And so The Game continues! Yes, I can see Martha but not Elvis or Monica.

After moving to a new city I see people every day who are the almost-twin of friends in Minneapolis. Weird.