Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update on Felix the Fox Terrier

I wrote about this wire fox boy, here, who is going through intensive therapy. He's getting better every day!
Photo from his foster home with the Wire Fox Terrier Rescue [click on link for more info].

His foster mom writes: 

"Felix is not letting his disabilities get in the way of living. He is a very well behaved and house trained young fellow - loves to follow you around the house, curl up in a nice doggie bed nearby, lounge outside on a rug on a nice sunny day, explore the yard, enjoys car rides and especially sitting up high in a Lil Snoozer Lookout Seat. 
Felix is fine with other dogs - not afraid or intimidated - just goes about his day and in his world. He is a special Wire Fox boy who brings great joy and reward to a heart and home. Felix is adoptable to a special Forever Home who has love and compassion and time to devote to loving him."

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bink said...

I LOVE Felix!!!