Monday, October 7, 2013

Staggering to the finish line...

I turned it in !!!
The ms of the sanitation history book (for teens).
I feel like I ran a marathon.

Why do I judge myself so harshly for having a long hard time writing this?
If a friend ran 26.2 miles in, say, twelve hours, I'd say,
 WOW!!!! you covered 26.2 miles at one time.
Who CARES how long it took?

OK. So that's what I'm saying to me.
WOW! You wrote a book!!!
Who cares how long it took you?
Who cares it's "only" for school libraries?

Well.... OK, then.
*hangs head in sheepish delight*

Thank you very much.
"Simply stunning."


Zhoen said...

Huzzah! Amazing, astonishing and awesome!

momo said...

Damn, girl. My hat is off to you. You wrote a whole book in such a short time! Gotta celebrate!

Krista said...

Absolutely marvelous! And thoroughly legit.

Also? I have exactly the same issues.

Laura B said...

You are absolutely amazing!!!!!
I can't believe you wrote a BOOK, just like I couldn't believe it when you did it before!
But you did.....As I said, absolutely amazing!!!!

poodletail said...

Hip, hip, hooray! You've finished! I squeeze you now.

Bookworm said...

You are, as my son would say "majestic" for finishing your book.

Fresca said...

Thanks, everybody!

deanna said...

Wonderful news!! Sorry I'm slow to get here to find out, but I greatly enjoy knowing you made it. Very well done, once again!

Fresca said...

Thanks, Deanna!