Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Real mail came yesterday! In a BOX! From Finland!!! 
Which has the best stamps. Look! Moomin-shaped stamps!

Tragic side-note: We ate most of the candy immediately but left a couple half-eaten chocolate bars on the back porch overnight. This morning they are gone, almost certainly taken by the rampageous squirrels who feel anything on the back porch is tribute.

Smirk Alert!

Wait... No. Sorry, Finland. I just googled around, and... Star Trek postage stamps? Liberia wins for stamps.

Though, where's Uhura? Come on, Liberia! She's from your continent! Or is she? Uhura speaks Swahili in TOS, but is it ever said where she's from?

OK, yes. The full character description, in Gene Roddenberry's 1977 Writers'/Directors' Guide for an aborted second series, is as follows:
Rank of Lieutenant Commander, Communications Officer, played by attractive young actress Nichelle Nichols. Uhura was born in the African Confederacy.
--per Memory Alpha

Whoops--I spoke too soon. Seems Liberia did issue a Uhura postage stamp is a different series. (Pendant for sale on etsy.)

I wonder, how does this work, countries making stamps of commercial works of other countries?

But I am going to STOP here with this line of inquiry and get to work.

Just one more thing.

Friendly Spam

Speaking of communications, now that I've taken the word verification off, I have several items my Spam Comments folder. Some are the usual "buy a [dubious item]", but spam has gotten sweeter too. Even though I know they are robotic, I can't help but feel touched by their praise. 
Howdy! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing! Feel free to visit my web site ...
 Well, thank you very much, anonymous scrivener! I'll take that, even though it's on an unlikely post. But who knows? Surely some roommate somewhere really does go on and on about how people don't know who Burt Lancaster is.


deanna said...

I have jotted down some of my cleverest spam. It's good that the folders for it usually work nowadays.

Sorry for your tragic loss of chocolate. I'm munching some this minute while reading blogs and hoping to get back to some actual writing I was doing. (Hope I'm still a far cry from eating bonbons and watching soap operas all day.)

Very cool stamps!

Zhoen said...

Kill the spam, report it, and give it another week. Pushy buggers.

I love packages with colorful stamps. We got a book from somewhere, wrapped in brown paper and string. Moby went mad for that string, sniffing and chewing it.

Anonymous said...

BINK SAYS: I wish you'd shared the chocolate with me instead of the squirrels.

But as I was always saying to my ex-roommate, squirrels are posed to take over the planet. They get bolder and bolder.
Every day they climb right up over the life size statue of Burt Lancaster into the tree that's been decorated with star fleet insignia, just so they can torment my dog by staring in the bathroom window.

Please send help for this onerous problem by directing your chocolate and your credit card to any website that says bink.

Darwi said...

Cool info about Liberia stamps. Pity I do not know anyone from there to bug them to write me. :-)

Fresca said...

Hey, y'all! Thanks for commenting!

The spam luckily doesn't turn up ON my blog, it goes directly into the spam folder, so I can delete it from there. Or save the funniest stuff.

Yes to favorite things like "Brown paper packages, tied up with string...." (Haven't seen one of those in ages.)

BINK: I got a 2nd package with chocolate and I was going to save one for you but I ATE THEM ALL.
At least I didn't contribute this time to Squirrel Domination.
I got an e-mail from a bink in Nigeria today and sent them all my money. That *was* you, right?

DARWI: I found these stamps for sale on ebay!