Thursday, September 19, 2013

Draw Bodies in Motion

Wanna do this with me?
Bookworm suggests this exercise from the tumblr of the wonderful Lynda Barry:

drawing bodies in motion
For those of you who are interested ...get your composition book out and try hitting pause four different times when the Nicholas Brothers are dancing. [Jumpin Jive from the movie "Stormy Weather" (1943): they come on at 1:30, after Cab Calloway sings.]

Take exactly what the pause button gives you, don’t look for a pose you feel like drawing. Try drawing them for three minutes, two minutes, one minute, 45 seconds....

Here are my 4 screencaps, which I will draw later (after I've done my writing for the day). I admit I cheated a little: I took screencaps at 1:47, 2:47, 3:47, but then I made sure to catch them jumping the splits (!) down the steps:

YouTube has a 45 min. documentary about the Nicholas Brothers too.


Zhoen said...

I'm more comfortable on the posing side.

momo said...

I saw this because I follow her Tumblr! I love love love this clip of their dancing! I hope you post the drawings you do.

poodletail said...

Inspiration! I'l take it and draw it. Thx, Fresca - I always do better with a bit of instruction.