Sunday, August 18, 2013

Search Keywords

All-Time Traffic sources for this blog, from Blogger Stats

This doesn't seem quite right... The post with the Brecht Poem from the Lives of Others, for instance, has 3,309 pageviews, but doesn't even show up in these top searches.

But what's more mysterious is the daily stats: sometimes the search terms that led people here are nothing I ever wrote about, like yesterday's papier mache mario.

There, now I that I have gone and mentioned it, I'd better post something. Here:

jeffm: "Me dressed as mario character "Chain chomp" in the half marathon: papier mache and a bit of a bugger to run in. ... I'd made myself two little handles on the inside to hold as I ran. " --From Tri Talk Forums 

Marz and I are house and dog sitting L & M's wire-haired fox terrier, Alfie, so I can add a couple of those too:

My sketch from this morning--Alfie is keen on keeping squirrels out of the yard:

And Alfie & Marz listening to records (the Nat King Cole Trio) on the front porch: 


poodletail said...

Nice job on the Alfie drawing! I'm so impressed!

bink said...

Alfie looks so cute!